Our Summer Hero... Lavender

I LOVE lavender! It looks beautiful, smells divine and can be used in so many ways to benefit your physical and mental health. It just makes me think of summer and English country gardens. 

The word comes from the Latin ‘Lavare’ which means to wash, which perhaps hints at how lavender has been loved and used throughout the centuries. Lavender was recorded by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks for its perfume and medicinal properties. 

It’s also a favourite with bees & other insects, this picture was taken in my garden where I’ve planted lots of it! 

In fact there are so many reasons to love Lavender, as an ingredient in hair, beauty and wellbeing products it's well known for creating calm and relaxation through it's soothing aroma, which can be enjoyed by anyone at any age.  

Lavender is also associated with helping to reduce stress and anxiety and for its sedative properties, however did you know that it may actually rejuvenate at the same time?  While this wonderous plant acts as a calming tonic for the body, its scent may stimulate mental activity giving the body a boost, all whilst calming the nervous system.

If you love this summer staple as much as I do, we’ve got lots of lavender loveliness to offer you in the form of balms, gels, creams, bath salts and room & pillow sprays all handmade by small British brands in the UK and designed to create the perfect relaxation retreat at home.