Working with small British companies that share our values for ethical, natural products and eco-friendly packaging is super important to us.  Here’s a bit about the brands we work with and why we have chosen their amazing products, I hope you’ll love them as much as I do!

Skin & Tonic London

Started by Sarah and her boyfriend Josh, they have created a product range that I just love. 

They are committed to only using gentle, certified organic, fresh ingredients and there are no questionable ingredients in their products that can so often be associated with skin and health sensitivities. What does this mean?  Well, no harsh preservatives or silicones, no drying alcohols or synthetic fragrances, no endocrine disruptors, no SLS, no dyes and no MIT.  All this ensure that you can be 100% confident about what you are putting on your skin.

They only use a maximum of 7 natural ingredients in their formulations and all their products are made in small batches by real people right here in the UK.  All their products are cruelty free and their packaging is glass and is recyclable.

Buff Natural Body Care

Founder Jo, a massage therapy practitioner and Aromatherapist, became concerned over plastic pollution which led her to realise her dream; to find a solution to the over-use of plastic within the beauty industry and create a completely natural, luxurious aromatherapy range that is 99 – 100 % plastic-free.

Leading by example, seeking solutions, Jo has created a deeply luxurious and truly ethical range which I think is just gorgeous!

Their simple and deep-rooted passion and purpose is to celebrate the raw power of nature to nourish us – salt from our seas and oils from plants.  All their products are made by hand in small batches, are natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly.  They are also committed to doing the very best they can with their packaging, which is at the moment is 99% plastic free and 100% recyclable.


Started by Miguel, after a packed corporate schedule in San Francisco, and time to kill before his flight, he was inspired by the amazing scents of gigantic eucalyptus, pine and cypress in Golden Gate Park.  These aromas evoked all sorts of memories and thoughts that made him feel inspired and restored.  He realized how valuable our sense of smell can be to our well-being.

Well-being, sustainability and quality are at the heart of ELM RD and these are just three of the reasons why I chose these beautiful candles for our gift boxes.

The other reason?  They smell amazing! They use 100% natural botanical scents from sustainable resources (not only can you smell the difference to synthetic fragrances, but you can feel the therapeutic effects too), plus they are Paraffin free and ELM RD completely avoid using chemicals, or additives.  They also use minimalistic, eco-friendly packaging.