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Candle Duo Happiness & Serenity

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We’ve chosen these two gorgeous candles because they work with your mood, ‘Happiness’ to lift your spirits and ‘Serenity’ to calm your mind.

Made by hand in the Kentish countryside, using only the best pure ingredients, each candle contains the perfect combination of rapeseed and soy wax for a clean and long-lasting burn, a special blend of pure essential oils and a wooden wick. These candles offer a unique experience to your senses, allowing you to break away from the demands of your daily routine. A lovely gift for someone special.


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This product is made by hand and is 100% natural and vegan friendly. Free from chemicals, paraffin, additives and synthetic fragrances. 100% natural botanical scents from sustainable sources. Wood wick from sustainable sources. Packaging is minimalistic and eco-friendly. Burn time: up to 15 hours.


Each candle releases its essential oil molecules into the air in your immediate environment, to help you relax and feel rejuvenated.



Warm and exotic oriental notes revitalize your spirit and calm your mind. Tropical flowers and lemongrass provide the first impressions, as the scent develops you are introduced to the relaxing aromas of sandalwood and frankincense.

JASMINE ABSOLUTE: This relaxing oil counters exhaustion and depression, lifting the spirit. 
LEMONGRASS: Stimulates and revitalizes body and mind, soothes aching muscles and relieves headaches.
YLANG-YLANG: An exotic aroma that is often used for countering anger and uplifting the spirit. 
FRANKINCENSE: Used to create a calming and soothing environment to ease stress and anxiety, often used to assist meditation.
SANDALWOOD: Quite versatile, this oil can be used to heal the body, mind and spirit. It is a favourite for spiritual well-being and restoring the mind.
CLARY SAGE: Great to combat stress and ease nerves.



Citrus notes are a trusted pick-me-up when feeling down. There is scientific evidence that citrus aromas can relieve stress and anxiety. Aromatic pine and rosemary help to clear the mind and lift your spirits.

• BERGAMOT: Balances the mood and relieves anxiety and depression.
• NEROLI: This refreshing oil helps against depression and anxiety. Assists with calming to aid sleep.
• MANDARIN: The sweet refreshing aroma relieves stress and tension, helps with sleep.
• ROSEWOOD: A relative of cinnamon and bay, this oil helps grounding and centering the emotions and mind, combats nervousness and anxiety.
• GERANIUM: Helps relieve aches and pains, soothing depression and fatigue, provides support in stressful times.
• ROSEMARY: Invigorating and refreshing, helps to clear the mind and bring clarity, helpful in relieving jet lag. Improves circulation and aids detoxification.
• PINE NEEDLE: This sweet fragrance helps with breathing and is often used in meditation. Also helps clear the mind and lifts the spirit.


Serenity:  Rapeseed and soywax, essential oils (bergamot, neroli, mandarin, rosewood, geranium, rosemary and pine needle) and wood-wick.

Happiness:  Rapeseed and soy wax, essential oils (jasmine absolute, lemongrass, ylang-ylang, frankincense, sandalwood and clary sage) and wood-wick.


To use, simply remove the lid, and light carefully. When done, smother the candle so that no smoke is left to trail in the air, this enables the candle aroma to linger. To ensure that the wax burns evenly, burn for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of four. Before relighting, remember to snap off the black burnt wood in the wick or it will not light properly.

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