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Tabitha Eve – Bath None Sponge


A reusable alternative to your usual bath sponge which is typically made from plastic.

This pretty and eco-friendly, two-sided wash cloth has been created in Wales using soft cotton and incredibly gentle, organic bamboo which is naturally anti-bacterial. Its’ also filled with recycled organic scrap material from other Tabitha Eve products #zerowaste

Gentle enough for even babies’ skin, it can be used on your body and face. Simply wring out and hang to dry after use. Pop into the washing machine when it needs a refresh and cut up and compost when its completely worn out…. a much nicer alternative to your typical plastic sponge or shower pouf.

We think they’re fab because they’re brilliant for the bathroom; bamboo is naturally antibacterial, dries quicker than cotton and really is incredibly soft!

Each sponge is approximately 11cm x 9cm

Please note design of Bath None Sponge may vary from that shown.

This product is vegan, biodegradable, uses organic bamboo and its’ packaging can be recycled. Please note that design of Bath None Sponge may vary from that shown.


Use as you would any sponge, shower pouf or wash cloth. Hang up using the tag to air dry. Wash cool with a normal laundry load, air dry. At the end of its life, cut it up and add to the compost bin.

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